Question: how can a young developer with no work experience (but, let's say, a MD and passion for the crypto world) get a job in the crypto space?


1. Find some shit you want to fix in crypto
2. Fix it
3. Show you fixed it in the portfolio
4. Get the job

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@NicolasDorier @pizzamarinara

This pretty much.

The only problem is if you want to be making money from start. Keep in mind that lots of established devs don't make that much money. So you need to start from conviction. Way easier if you don't have family to support. So if you are in early 20s - go for it.

@rockstardev @NicolasDorier @pizzamarinara
Another problem is that finding a problem that’s not completely irrelevant but yet solvable by you may not be that easy.

@lucash_dev @rockstardev @pizzamarinara Don't look for a problem, just try to use OS project. You will definitively find things which suck: Bad doc, bad error message, bad UX, confusing language, bad API. Even good products.

Top of mind example
@samourai_official is best mobile wallet. But why should I need to rely on THEIR API which can see my UTXOs? Even shitty Copay allows to customize this! :p

Even some LN wallets already allow this!

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