Does anyone know if and where there is data available on these questions or who could be tagged here that might have some answers?

1. Now that we have SegWit and more tx batching what is the on-chain capacity in comparison to what is needed for the next surge in the market? Will capacity meet demand?
2. Once LN is widespread as payment what is the expected nr of on-chain tx's for opening and closing channels on top of reg on chain tx's?
Bcash fans keep bringing up these arguments against LN.

@DMN737 The real argument to be had is the #scaling ability of a purely #broadcast method versus #unicast like layered protocols. For #bitcoin that means #lightning -- best piece I can't stop linking to is this -- So it isn't about how big your blocks are - they're using short-sighted "solutions" to a long-term growth problem.

@TallTim Again, I understand the solution that LN is bringing but block size does matter still for the required on chain tx's, even if it's just opening and closing LN channels right? If the number of channel opening and closing tx's exceeds the capacity and on chain fees become too high compared to the amount sent on the channel it won't work.

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