@NicolasDorier huh!

no I don't think so: had no problem logging in, could also post

@NicolasDorier @orionwl That fake one (yes, the one that has been up for many months now) is often the first one suggested, IIRC.

ps: I now see my account has been suspended for whatever reason. *shrugs*

@NicolasDorier hehe was afraid for a bit this was a new kind of kafkaban
where everything seems to be working fine for me but no one else can even see my profile anymore 😱

@orionwl @NicolasDorier I'd link you that tweet about free speech and how it goes hand-in-hand with being able to decide who you'd want to listen to, but yeah ...

@tim @NicolasDorier to be honest, i've never been suspended from :birdsite: yet–don't know about shadowbans, of course–so it would have been a first

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