@bitcoinshirt @NicolasDorier @bottomshelfbtc I’m seeking any opinions on this. Bitcoin is in SoV phase and due to its current and foreseeable future volatility, paying taxes are a big deterrent to participation.


@Rejekts @bitcoinshirt@bitcoinhackers.org @bottomshelfbtc I would claim the reverse. Paying tax is what prevent people from selling BTC. :P

@NicolasDorier @bitcoinshirt @bottomshelfbtc that is actually what I am getting at. As long as I keep all btc gains in btc (never converting back to fiat or altcoin), then fiat gains are never realized, hence no taxation🧐🤑 If that is the case, an eBay style site with built in payment processor (btcpay) and lightening wallet would be great test ground for selling chachkies around the house for Satoshis either auction style or buy it now.

@Rejekts @NicolasDorier @bitcoinshirt @bottomshelfbtc
It'll depend on your local laws, but in general capital gains (losses) are not the only form of taxation relevant to BTC.

If a business has revenue in BTC, that may be taxable (as it could count as income, etc).

But I agree with Nicolas, tax liabilities probably incentivize hodling for many users.

@bottomshelfbtc @jeremy @Rejekts @NicolasDorier @bitcoinshirt
I was wondering the same (I'm not an American), a quick search tells me that an LLC can elect to be taxed similar to a partnership/proprietorship in some cases, thus avoiding double taxation of corporate income.


@htimsxela @bottomshelfbtc @Rejekts @NicolasDorier @bitcoinshirt That's pretty much it. You can then (as an individual, not as a business) use the capital gains rates. But consult with an attorney in your area, etc.

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