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Nicolas Petton

Back to 0 email inbox, finally 😃

I'm so happy with , having just with X11 windows as buffers makes so much sense! 👍

#emacs #orgmode 9.1.5, a bugfix release, is out. Merry chrismas and happy hacking!

Anyone knows if @mozilla still plans on adding support for the Chrome Devtools Protocol in ? Maybe there's even been some progress?

When doing OOP, I never liked to use SQL, it always felt like trying to fit squares into circles. With Lisp however, SQL is a great fit.

oh no! The latest nightly update broke client-side decorations on GNU/Linux.

Hmmm, wait...what? Why? From $40 to $400 for a "crypto kitty". Okay... I guess. 🤦 🐱

I wasted most of my day with issues... I'm so grumpy right now.

File contents gets truncated in with FileReader.onload if the file is in UTF-8 w/ BOM and has a .json extension. If it has a .txt extension it works... Am I drunk?

IE11's JSON.parse cannot handle UTF-8 w/ BOM? Am I the only one who didn't know about this?

Great conversation about a power user's Emacs setup. It's part of an informal series about using Emacs.

Sasha Chua is my hero!

There's a mastodon.el in MELPA. Why am I not surprised? #emacs #lisp


I wonder if I lack good practices or simpy tricks to avoid getting off the train from time to time.

I've been mostly off my for 3 weeks, my inbox was getting pretty big... Got back on track today!

1. It's really easy to fall off the GTD train, without even realizing it at first.

2. Getting back on track takes a mental effort, but not as much time as one might think.

3. Once back on track, I immediately felt more relaxed and in control.

@NicolasPetton @johnson I have the 3 switch pedal for Kinesis Advantage 2. Ctrl, Meta and Tab (left->right). I alternate between keyboard keys and foot pedal switches to prevent strain. I really like it but had to buy a foot rest to place it on. Alone it was difficult to hit from a comfortable sitting position. Overall would recommend for heavy Emacs work!

I wonder if there are any downsides with configuring 's output like this "devtoolModuleFilenameTemplate: '[absolute-resource-path]'"?

If you're having a hard time getting Indium's debugger to work with , check this section of the documentation: