In the less-is-more category I think I'm going to try going with #Orgzley (, #syncthing and straight-up #emacs org mode as my "calendar".

Orgzly shows agenda and scheduled items and has a simple query language for custom filters.

Maybe no need for .ics, webdav, etc.

The "leaving emacs annoys me" impulse usually leads to good outcomes (not leaving emacs !)

VSCode est open source MAIS pas les binaires distribués qui sont sous licence MS avec des mouchards ainsi que certains plugins comme Remote SSH. Ceux qui compilent leurs logiciels ou utilisent VSCodium ne peuvent pas avoir certains plugins. C'est juste malsain comme façon de faire... Autant ne pas faire croire que le logiciel est #floss . #libre #oss #privacy #emacs is better #illmigratetoideafter

Deno is a JS/TypeScript runtime from the creator of node, with built-in sandboxing and URLs for importing packages without a central npm server:

Typing on v2 lubed with TriboSys feel *amazing*, I'm baffled! 😍

Le site me donne des cauchemars. Sérieusement, j'ai rarement vu aussi mauvais.

C'est dingue comme les sites web que je fréquente ne fonctionnent plus très bien en ce moment.
Je me demande si ça a un lien avec le fait que je désactive javascript et refuse tous les cookies. 🤔

Considering the fact that I only use the 3x6 (alpha) rows + the thumb clusters on my , would the keyboard be a good choice? It for sure looks really neat!

Having all modifers on the home row is really fun, especially when using Emacs 😎

I really like the customization options of QMK, I'm moving all modifiers to the home row 😅 Let's see how it goes!

BIOS Settings, Computrace, Me: Permanently Disabled

Computer: If you choose this, the setting can never be enabled again.

Me: Yes

@loke It's really hard to answer that. I love the buckling springs of my , but the ergonomics of a split keyboard is also a game changer. I need both!

Or even better, I'd pay a fortune for cherry-compatible buckling spring switches.

I'd pay a fortune for an with buckling springs. Or another split matrix keyboard, but with buckling springs on it.

Has anybody tested the clicky BOX switches? Any comparison with the buckling spring? I don't think I should expect them to feel similar, but who knows.

Another question about today, I find the documentation a bit lacking. The OReilly book is pretty old, and the new draft has not been updated in years.

What are the best practices nowadays, esp. regarding clustering, replication, conflict management, and so on?

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