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Nicolas Petton

Someone should write a Redux-like state container is Lisp.

is such a great javascript tool, I wonder why I never tried it before. Excellent usage of FP patterns and function composition.

Hey developers, do you use html import? If you use ES modules imstead, how do you declare <template>s?

Dropped my brand new t480s on tiled floor, not a single scratch! 🤞

Gently salty reminder: Show more

Reading about everything that's going on around the world right now makes me sick. Fuck humanity.

RT Vous vous souvenez quand on fumait dans les bars ? Moi non plus.
Personne ne regrette et on s’est disciplinés super vite. Comme pour les sacs plastique au magasin. Comme quoi c’est possible de changer des habitudes de merde que les industriels nous font croire indéboulonnables.


I think we need screencasts just showing #magit in all its glory. How anyone uses #git solely via the CLI tools I'll never understand. #emacs

The new display-line-numbers-mode in 26.1 is great:
- supports relative line numbers
- supports right to left lines
- looks better
- is faster

Great #opensource extension for #firefox check it out particularly if you love #emacs and #helm

can you tag headlines in org-mode that you don't want to show up in export? #orgmode #emacs

I don't understand how you can run a project like gogs and miss the importance of federation:

tagged: priority/low

the only reason gogs and gitea aren't that appealing to me is that no one wants to create an account on "the pi sitting in technomancy's basement" in order to collaborate. solve that and you're off to the races.

Ok, so tomorrow might be Christmas for 😂

Flying to tomorrow 😊 Anyone up for a beer and some small talk?