On a fait une super affaire à la braderie hier 🏴‍☠️🤩

The new Adwaita in Gnome 3.32 looks really, really good, I'm really impressed.

Making bread for the first time. It's in the oven 😊 🍞

I did try nextcloud's Tasks app, but it's really slow.

I've been looking for an opensource web app alternative to and for a long time.

I use myself, but people I recommend to can't use it. Any idea?

Hey Mastodon, bridge.joinmastodon.org is not working for me, the progress bar is stuck at "Preparing" when searching for friends.

Anybody else experiencing the issue?

A bigger part of why I default to LaTeX than I care to admit…

Thinking about hosting a mastodon instance. Would the Lime2 ARM board be enough?

This is such an amazing talk. It remembers me always on #emacs #lisp #repl #clojure #cider. How programming should be!

This is the first of a mini series shot at a local library in Brest. Experimenting with the dark orange & teal classic look.

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