#Inkscape has a cool new video... I'm impressed with the animation they did 👍

➡️ invidiou.site/watch?v=NlS0zKXs

Looking forward to v1.1 update.

De l'open access au Web breton, arpenter les traces invisibles des usages du Web avec @MariLeBechec dans le podcast d'@AnDaolVras #teaser

I was wrong, it is possible to “fix the system from within.” So here’s the new plan:

Greta Thunberg, please join ExxonMobil.

Doctors, apply for jobs at Philip Morris.

Pacifists, enrol in the military.

Personally, I will immediately start a new job with six figure pay and stock options at Facebook to help fix privacy.

#FixItFromWithin #bullshit

I finally pulled the plug and deleted my Twitter account.

#Emacs about to get #JIT compilation for good:

Mixed feelings for me: “woohoo!” comes to mind, and also “what about Guile?” — Conway’s law applies! I’m sure it’ll make me a happy user anyhow. :-)

I went from a keyboard (bought years ago) to an and now a as my main driver.

Interesting how I can use all three and feel as comfortable on a planck as I do on a kinesis. Are ergonomic keyboard really adding anything? (beyond being ortholinear).

After using the for a few hours, I actually like the sound they have. They're much louder than the Zealios, but they do have a very satisfying "Clack" sound.

After using for more than a year, I just tried switches that I just received & lubed.

I had high expectations, but they feel much less tactile than the zeals, and they sound much less muted as well (I have lubed springs, but not the legs to keep tactility). Am I the only one being so disappointed with Holy Pandas?

I should add that I wasn't using all the keys on my Ergodox, so 48 keys are all I needed anyway. The Planck is not split, but as both are ortholinears, I don't see a drastic difference in feel.

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Playing with my new v6 keyboard (Zealiosv2 + KAT Milkshare). Not as different as I expected it to be from the Ergodox, but so much more portable :)

Contourner les paywall + astuce pour vos scripts - lehollandaisvolant.net/?d=2021

C'est pas con tout ça. Ça n'a pas l'air de vraiment marcher mais c'est pas con !


Non seulement ça caille mais en plus avec le chauffage et les chats on se prend de l'électricité statique à chaque fois qu'on touche un truc l'hiver ça pue du cul.

#Mastodon en tendance #Twitter. Au delà des péripéties conjoncturelles, l'architecture décentralisée est en train de démontrer ses avantages sur les architectures centralisées des entreprises capitalistes.

In the less-is-more category I think I'm going to try going with #Orgzley (github.com/orgzly/orgzly-andro), #syncthing and straight-up #emacs org mode as my "calendar".

Orgzly shows agenda and scheduled items and has a simple query language for custom filters.

Maybe no need for .ics, webdav, etc.

The "leaving emacs annoys me" impulse usually leads to good outcomes (not leaving emacs !)

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