Thinking about hosting a mastodon instance. Would the Lime2 ARM board be enough?

This is such an amazing talk. It remembers me always on #emacs #lisp #repl #clojure #cider. How programming should be!

This is the first of a mini series shot at a local library in Brest. Experimenting with the dark orange & teal classic look.

Hmm, I also recently opened an Instagram account...

Unfortunately I couldn't find any photography community on Mastodon.

Pfff y'a du sang partout maintenant, j'aurais pas dû bouger.

" Bouge pas, humain, faut que je saute sur ton épaule pour dégueuler mes croquettes HAN T'AS BOUGÉ CHUIS FORCÉE DE TE DÉCHIQUETER LE DOS MAINTENANT ! "

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