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And that's not even counting the possibility that they react negatively and then I'm still gonna have to go on that trip with them.

I'm hopeful that they'll be cool but I don't know for sure.

Like I literally don't have the words in Slovak. Slavic languages are gendered as fuck and it makes being trans hell and coming out extremely confusing.

I wanna come out to them before the trip but coming out suuuuuucks and I don't know how to do it.

I'm going to London again soon but it's a family trip with family I'm not out to and uuuugggghhhh

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Words will never say enough
They are just born of hope that someone will even listen
In this solitude of hearts
In the traces that echo through the ether

i wanna hug the big robot from pascal's village

i wanna hug the big robot from pascal's village

You know, a transgender person's interpretation of a fictional character as trans is 100% of the time more valid than a cis author's original intent for that character.

I kinda like the new Gmail redesign. I also love how it's been activated on all my accounts except the one I actually use.

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somebody please come wash my dishes for me, i don't wanna