Free Wifi at a Restaurant Alignment Chart

@Nigma means that a restaurant can be lawful good and chaotic evil at the same time ?

@Nigma Chaotic Evil is "No Wifi, talk to each other instead! :)"

@Nigma What if their WiFi requires you to log in with Facebook?

@RecursiveRabbit @Nigma

That would be all three: Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic Evilest

@Nigma where's the "third party portal requires you to create a login first" option :pawy2_tdown:


@Nigma Trying to parse the chart

Law-chaos is how secure it is, and good-evil is how functional it is? :3

@Nigma, where does signing up for an account to use the WiFi fit?

Chaotic evil-er: Use the McDonald's wifi next door, but the McDonald's wifi also doesn't work.

(Actually happened to me one time.)

@Nigma I'm putting "WiFi works but is slower than tethering to your phone" and "captive portal says you're not using a supported browser" in the bottom right square too

@Nigma what about unsecured WiFi, but private & guest networks are bridged so all the POS terminals and security cameras are visible and probably using default passwords?

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