@Nigma I'll probably wind up voting Jo and just tell people I voted Trump.

@HappyWizard @freemo @Nigma Hey so correct me if I'm wrong on any of these: 1. Voting for a president is worthwhile. The system, if rigged, will be more difficult to rig if more people vote. Mostly presidential elections are poorly set up due to the electoral college which causes outrage and perception of riggage when presidents win despite losing the popular vote due to the specific placement of the voters. Also, even in a high turn-out year the wide majority of people do not vote, which makes your vote count more. 2. If you live in a nonswing state your vote- Republican or Democrat, is basically wasted. I for example live in California, so voting for either of these two parties will have no effect as the state will always go Democrat and award its huge amount of electoral college votes to that candidate. The way to make your vote count is to vote for a third party candidate. That candidate will not win, but you will not be affecting the outcome in a nonswing state. What will happen is that that party, if it gets a large enough number of popular (not electoral) votes, will get more funding in the next presidential election. This is a step towards a third party being considered legitimately in the future. 3. Anyone on either side who understands our system of electing a president is unhappy with it. They are usually unhappy with the candidate their preferred party puts forward and the compromises their party is forced to make. They are however afraid of the other party and that party's candidate so they pick the lesser of two evils. Having the possibility of a third party, any third party, being taken seriously would fuck this mindset all up. I'm going to get personal here and say I have lived in California most of my life and been fooled and guilted again and again into voting for a Democrat. I've even been part of phone trees and other volunteering for that party. While it felt good those few times (OK only once) the Democrats managed to put forward a candidate I actually believed in (before ultimately being disappointed by them); none of that mattered.
@MetaWizard @Nigma @freemo Yeah, take my post there as a jab to the "sound bite" that if you're voting 3rd you're wasting/giving the "bad guy" the win.

Last two (maybe even 3) elections I've voted 3rd party, knowing about the 5% thing, but not even expecting that, but you never know...

The only time I was active in stuff was when I was 18, these days I sorta see the whole system as a brain/$ drain. Imagine if there wasn't any elections for people to get so worked up about how much better society could be, I'm not going to go into my unformed and fringe politics though, I just hope everyone gets back to work :)

Normally I'd write an original response but I think this post summs up what my response would be well enough:

@Nigma @HappyWizard


By the way not sure more people voting neccesearly equates to being easier to rig. If only a single person voted it would be much easier to see if its rigged, just go ask the one person how they voted and you have your answer in a few seconds.. .With tens of million voting determining if the system is rigged becomes far more complicated and would require more man-hours to get to the bottom of it.

@Nigma @HappyWizard


In fact even if we talk en mass, 10% voting who really care about their vote is harder to rig because they care enough to bother to double check afterwards if their vote was registered and counted and if it isnt they may make a stink about it.

If you have 90% voting with 10% really being enthusiastic and 80% being apathetic and not caring too much, then the vast majority of voters arent even going to check their vote or say anything, relying on others to detect any possible fraud.

So it would seem in this scenario even then more people voting means its harder to detect fraud, not easier.

@Nigma @HappyWizard

@freemo @Nigma @HappyWizard Yeah, I always figured that was the weakest part of my argument- but anything to get more people to vote! I have to admit, you are correct.

@Nigma Your conscience will know. You will know every time you look in the mirror that you voted for a racist warmonger.

@flugennock your conscience and your actual body will know if you didn't vote Trump out when he sends you to a death camp

@Nigma What makes you think Biden won't do the same thing? The sonofabitch wrote a crime bill that imprisoned a generation of Black youth.

@Nigma well, same goes vice versa and i guess that is what happened 2016 and might happen again.

Isn't it common for some states to have separate waiting lines and voting machines for republican and democratic voters?

@tsia @Nigma you can vote for either candidate regardless of official party affiliation (you dont even have to register for either of the major parties! You can register to a 3rd party, or remain completely unaffiliated if you want)

Party affiliation may affect your ability to participate in a specific party’s primary, but in the general election everyone receives the same ballot regardless of party affiliation

@tsia @Nigma I’ve also never heard of states doing separate voting lines during the general election — the secret ballot is usually taken very seriously in the US. Do you know of any specific incidents where this has happened?

I looked it up where I heard of those separate voting lines and in fact they were during a primary election.

@tsia @Nigma ah yeah. In many states you’re only able to vote in one party’s primary, so they need to know which primary you are voting in

Yeah I just got primary and general mixed up. It's still bizarre to me that there is any election where everyone can see for which party one is voting. On the other hand i perceive it to be very common in the US to be quite open about what party you vote for

@Nigma I am voting for Biden. But not voting for him has its pros and cons.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is what got us Trump.

Biden winning, sets the stage for Kamala Harris being the next favorite and gives her an advantage against a real progressive. The corporate media will push hard for her.

We can always pressure companies to go green, even if Trump passes laws that against it. We can do a lot outside the political system.

There are solid arguments on both sides.

@Nigma or vote for Kanye West! Nobody will ever know. 😇

@Nigma Honestly, that effect is probably going to happen the other way around.

@Nigma One of the most interesting stories I heard of this election is that the "Suburban white woman" which turned out for the Cheeto in 2016 has largely turned on him in key states... They are a group that could very well sway the election in Biden's favor... It's going to be a wild few days!

Just like he, his son and brother pocketed huge bribes from Russia, China and Ukraine and DID NOT TELL ANYONE!!!!

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