How it feels like talking about Mastodon on Reddit

@Nigma This is how it feels to talk about almost any reasonable idea, really. You can't convince people of something, and then 5 years later, someone wraps it in something stupid, and it takes off.

@Nigma It's not a very fair comparison, though, is it? One at first puts people to be worse off than the current de-facto solution for a very questionable improvement in the future, the other one has some *tangible* improvement over the status quo right about now.

@Nigma I think this is what needs to be concentrated on: Make the advantages of Mastodon obvious enough that it develops a following.

@maho It's mostly just a joke about how reddit loves some ideas but dismisses others, don't read too much into it

@Nigma What it bother me is the people who doesn't understand the FOSS licenses. "Hurr durr if is open anyone can copy and make scams and exploit it". What a bunch of idiots

@Nigma This is clearly because Mastodon doesn't do cryptography (unless TLS counts?), and cryptography is cool.

(In all seriousness, it's probably due to the fact that there is a possibility you can make money off of Bitcoin - not so much off Mastodon.)

@Nigma reddit will ramble on all fucking day about their personal info getting stolen but won't do a damn thing about it

@Nigma ah man, just want to say that I’m super stoned right now and I can’t express with words how much I enjoyed this meme

@Nigma I feel the need to mention that I like the way you draw faces.

@Nigma To be fair, people on Reddit have never understood Twitter.

@Nigma I think it's a commentary on a good portion of Reddit being an-craps..sorry, an-caps.

@Nigma I'd genuinely like a psychological understanding of what's going on with some of the ICO investors out there. There are far less ridiculous "get rich quick" schemes most people see right through.

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