Set up an account on a raccoonie instance, You can find me there at @Nikon

So, Nintendo finally is coming out with a New 2DS.

Not 100% in love with the clamshell, but the bigger screen plus the processing power to actually run Pokemon Moon is nice.

Sun/Moon pushes the 2DS/3DS to it's limits and there are freezes when you get into double and triple battles.

So, I will be getting one of these come the end of July. Hopefully preorders won't sell out.

Debating not going into work today. Dizziness is pushing up my anxiety. And this is the fall over with swirly eye dizziness.

In the last month I've had two vertigo events, and those are usually years apart.

Can I please get upgraded to a bot body with easily replaceable gyros?

Feeling a little weird tonight. My ears have gone numb, and feel like they are changing, getting pulled into fuzzy tips. Dog I wish they would.

Oh my. It's a video game made just for all the blue raccoons (there are quite a few of us)

And that's not the only one.

I for one approve of more blue raccoons in the media.

So much for right to bed. There was 3cm of thick wet snow on my car that I had to brush off. And yesterday, it got up to 25c. Utah weather is weird.

I did it. 120 hours on the next paycheck. I'm going home and falling into bed.

Note if that last post causes any issues, I will delete it. I don't want to hurt anyone.

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Well it looks like it's time to delete my LiveJournal account. Thankfully i still have a Dreamwidth at although I don't update it very often. My life is to boring and I know folks don't want to hear about my depression, anxiety and money issues. In other words, I don't want to post drama.

Up way too early today. Working overtime, with three hours of sleep. Was thankfully able to get a ride from @Kyna.
Can someone start the caffeine drip, I will need it today. Thank goodness for free coffee in the break room.

Having the urge to pick up either or (both are available) and setting up an instance for all the raccoons and the like on Mastodon. But I don't have the money to set up a server that could handle it, or the proper hosting. If any wants to do it, I'll sign up in a heartbeat.

Signs that Mastodon is growing, you start getting followed by strangers and not just your friends. Hello strange people!

Just had a small freak out. There was a spider on the lamp by my bed. I am really afraid of spiders. Thankfully @Kyna caught it in a cup and took it outside. It was a quarter sized black, fuzzy thing that was really fast.

Oh what fun, my yearly vertigo spell happened at work just now. Wish I knew what caused it.
They are rare, happening at random, and can be a year or two apart. The whole world tilts about 30° and starts rapidly moving to the right, then slows down a d starts spinning to the left. It is very scary and can last from 5min to an hour. Laying on my back and staring at the ceiling helps, closing my eyes makes it worse.

For anyone out there.
Discord: nikonracoon#5902
Steam: NikonRacoon
I'm also on Anthrochat and Furnet.
Im on battlenet, but I can't look up that tag from the phone. I'll get that later.

Joy, first MSN vanishes, then Yahoo and now AIM/ICQ remove 3rd party access, it is getting harder to keep in touch with friends now.
It feels like we've gone back 20 years with the need to install multiple clients.
I wonder if this will be the death of Pigin and Trillian asit seems only Jabber is left.

Ever have one of those days where you want to cast baleful polymorph on everyone that annoys you? And lightning bolt the ones that make you angry?

So in theory you can speed run any game. I guess the only thing I speed run is solitaire. Went from 1:26 to 1:22 tonight.

So, I'm learning to use this service via my phone. I want to search for a username.
Hmmm, don't see an option for it. Then I try to make a post, well, there it is.
Don't know why it's there. Seems like bad UI to me.

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