Casteist Rapist H**** scoundrels would now be polluting the Pacific off the coast of Ecuador.

Kailaasa is the sanctuary Modi-Shah has financed and created to flee to when all the looting has been done. Nithyananda is just a caretaker.

Suna hai Modi jaab bahar jata hai, kahin hotel mein nehin rehta hai,
Petrol pump mein hi naha leta hai...

Good morning.

Are you people heaving a sigh of relief while having your morning cup of tea/coffee because one fascist has been replaced by another, with support of the most comfortably familiar original fascists? 🤣

I kind of understand why Indian politicians show scant regard for democracy and the electorate...

What will you do to the Govt at the most? Protest? Trend shit on SM? why they can and do get away with murder.

A director makes a film on manual scavenging. Some nut head lodges an FIR for "promoting enmity between groups". Good that HC quashed the FIR. In fact, action should be taken against those who register such frivolous cases.

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If the complete breakdown of democratic and constitutional institutions in India leads to an "insurrection", there are just 124 armed policemen per 100,000 of population, and just 52 armed policemen per 100 of area to handle this. Add to it 1.2 million soldiers of the army and the figures would be somewhat better but you must remember that the average policeman in India is extremely poorly equipped and trained. And there are *borders* to be protected too.


74% of lower court judges in Meghalaya are women. That is a statistic that is amazing in itself.


A coworker at one of the other offices in the country recently passed away, and the management of the company (a massive multinational Fortune 500 conglomerate with a presence on every continent except Antarctica) is circulating an email soliciting donations from other employees to provide for his wife and two young kids in the wake of his passing.

Capitalism, y'all. Isn't it glorious?

The Hong Kong High Court today handed down an important judgment in which it held that the government's prohibition on the use of face masks by protesters was unconstitutional. The government's "law and order" arguments were flatly rejected. This is what happens when constitutional courts work the way they are supposed to - and it's possible, even in the most difficult and trying of circumstances, with an authoritarian government sitting on their head. An analysis:

JNU protests and the battles between revolutionary students and the fascist Delhi Police are like the WWF bouts. The same stuff doled out year after year. Every year fascism is defeated and revolution is proclaimed.

Yet, nothing changes for most of the oppressed.

Dear JNU protesters,

Your *privilege* protects you from police brutalities beyond a few baton charges and scuffles.

If you were Kashmiris or Adivasis, you would have been shot. Some would have been mutilated with pellets. And you only get detained to be released at the end of the day. We face custodial torture and long detentions.

Stop whining.

Why fight against just fee hike?
Fight against any fee on education.
In a 21st century civilised world, education should be absolutely free for all.

Capital is dead labour, that, vampire-like, only lives by sucking living labour, and lives the more, the more labour it sucks. The time during which the labourer works, is the time during which the capitalist consumes the labour-power he has purchased of him.

    - Karl Marx, Capital, Volume I, Chapter 10 (1867)

RSS - Cultural organisation that promotes secularism.
CIA - Think tank that spreads democracy.

Babri isn't about a mosque.
It is about justice and rule of law.
It isn't about whether Muslims have any other place to pray or about needing hospitals or schools.

If you have not yet grasped this simple issue, you need to re-examine your comprehension of what justice is, what rule of law means, and what a democracy should be.

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