Webcomic reader: "lol I have bills to pay ok, I'm saving for a house I can't pay you, give me everything for free"

OH REALLY what are bills, we comic creators never get those! A house?? It's not like I'd ever want to own my own place, nope never! I don't need money!! I live on air and Holy Spirit!

Just my boys
(a panel from a mini comic for my $5+ Patrons)
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A friend insists that sadomasochism is just "a bad way for people with ptsd to seek control in their lives" and I didn't want to get into an argument with them so I just shrugged it off but omaigad it's actually a healthy kink for most practicers, let people have their kinks

I'm wearing a skirt to school and it's amazing how cute it makes me feel! 🐩🐈🐇🐣

@Nilukka I'll try to copy that zine tomorrow, it's my first zine and I've never used the copy machine so wish me luck! >__>

Also, my plan is to sell it on Saturday in Oulu Comics Festival for 40 cents or something! Drop by if you're in the area.

Might post it to social media too at some point.

I told my friend I'm basically married to my zine now because I like it so much and he said, "I pronounce you husband and zine!"

Ouch ouch my wrist, too much crosshatching and lettering, ouch.

Looking forward to having that break in December ✌

I've a friend who - 89% of the time - replies to texts with GIFs. It was funny 6 months ago but now it's getting a bit boring.

Gingerbread houses are a terrible waste of perfectly good dough

All food is comfort food if you're sad enough

I was browsing my Insta and realized that I've drawn lots of really nice stuff this year! 🐙 I hope 2018 will be as good!


Teacher: "Now I'll show you how to edit your animations.
I don't know how to use this particular program though."

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