Turned in an adventure and wrote a couple of articles.

One short story submitted , one edited, vacuumed the bedroom.

Another article written, which means I can probably justify going and tracking down the spray on hair color nobody seems to have *sigh*.

Just got the best bit of Notre Dame news: The bees survived.

Recycling taken out. That counts as productive, right?

I'm awake and have already written an article for a client. Maybe I can manage productivity today.

All kinds of RPG work on deck. Also need to work on the second draft of Arana. Getting hard to juggle.

Okay, wrote an article, now I think it's time for another Avalon Solo 5E Adventure to be drafted up.

Ugh, not a productive day. Dragging. Adventure outline has been tossed to the rest of the group for brainstorming, though.

*stretches* Brainstorming stuff for RPG stuff. Can't say more yet.

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