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Editing done, brainstorming done for now...waiting on an email there.

Now recovered from the weekend and surprisingly...busy.

Okay...let's see here. Oh, right, finish those edits.

Don't accuse people you don't know of slacktivism. Like, ever.

Quoting a white supremacist to tell somebody to punch more Nazis makes you look like an idiot.

*stretches* Okay, it's almost 3pm and I might actually be able to START work soon. What a day.

Dishwasher not fixed. I already had zero free time this week...

Emphatically NOT "celebrating" April Fools over here.


Today is and I want to send a big shout-out to my amazing friends on every part of the gender spectrum (& those hovering happily above it). It’s wonderful to see you changing & sharing your true selves however you see fit, & I will always love & support you.


Part of me feels really sad about the state of the world. Part wants to reach for popcorn...

So, theoretically game night is canceled, except there's one last person we haven't heard from who doesn't seem to have got the message. I'm trying to think what we can do with three people...

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