@dansup As @selea stated: It will affect you anyway.
As soon as you have users from the EU (which you have on pixelfed) you /Pixelfed is affected by that articel 13, since your users remain the copyright owners of the posts they make.
That is if it passes of course.

@xj9 If you have a platform on which someone from the eu is allowed to post something/leave data behind - you have to follow EU laws.
Why do you think all the big plattforms send those information about the handling of the data to every user last year?

@xj9 Imagine the words "plattform" and "someone from the eu is allowed to leave data behind" from my last toot in bold text.
With "Leaving data behind" I mean the tracking and saving data of every user, every website does nowadays.
If you have a plain HTML site that doesn't save data from their users in any way, then you are right. But as soon as you handle data, you might be handling data from EU citizen and in that way you are involved, even if you are not in the EU yourself.

@xj9 I probably should also state that I'm in no way 100% sure about that, but reading artikel 13 and the eu data thing from 2018, it is understandable in that way and the big plattforms like facebook and google etc were handling the gdpr in that way.

@xj9 @julloyart Your website/server could always get blocked.

It would be a shame to not be able to access all the instances in the fediverse because of this.

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