I've just discovered a great and IM app. It's really nice, looks like WhatsApp or other "pro" IM clients/service. Difference is it's based on , just like . It's great, check it out! Especially if you're trying to get friends&family to switch from Facebook's WhatsApp or Messager to Matrix.
Source code:
It's also on Google Play.
Matrix "channel":
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So far I had being using a fork of : miniVector. I will however try because it just looks great and **that is also important.**
The only negative so far is the 28mb app size. Compared to 18 for , 24 for and 25 for that's a quite little bit more for some people that have cheap phones with limited file size.

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To be clear, there is no encryption support. Hopefully, this might be added soon.

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It is great app - no question, but there's no encryption implemented right now...

@upgradetofreedom Yeah, that's a shame but Floss is always a WIP and sometimes slow process.

Very cool. I was going to install Riot again after having been gone for a long time, and I found four Matrix clients on f-droid:

- Riot, the one I used to use…
- RiotX, something new also from New Vector…
- miniVector, a trimmed-down fork of Riot…

and Pattle. Is Pattle a Riot fork or a reimplementation? Either way, it's what I'm trying out first.
All four are within 19-25 MiB size.

Conversations comes in at ~28 MiB these days, whereas Conversations Classic is ~10 MiB.

Snikket is ~16 MiB ... and still has a merge conflict marker in the description. 😀
Dunno what's been up with F-Droid, but I had issues getting this downloaded yesterday. Now I got it in seconds, time to try it out.
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