So I was browsing in my neighbourhood and realised there were mistakes, some streets didn't exist or the roads were blocked by a gate. Same map details more or less on Google's Map and it lead me to "fix the map". This was a good couple days ago and I don't know how osm works and everything but I was using OpenTracks just now. They have a cool feature with saving your route on an OSM thing. And I just realised that the map had changed! My fix was used in updating the stuff!

@Niquarl Welcome to #OSM! Yep, #OpenStreetMap is updated as soon as you make a change. It can take a few minutes before the map updates. I hope you keep editing, and contributing. It's fun. 🙂

(Any questions, feel free to fire them my way)

@rory Thanks!
I might ask a couple of questions in that case. Not sure if I would describe as fun but it is nice for sure to improve the map and all apps that work with that.

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