I've just created lol

If you think a video on Peertube is great and will be enjoyed by more people. Just share a link via it.
Let's get a good community based recommendations on the fediverse.

Also, I've created a ' Quality' list on GitHub (might be changing from GitHub to something else).
It lists channels or accouts that I consider of 'quality', essentially what you might support financially because it takes a bit of time or money to create videos. It might help you for . Feel free to suggest adding something.


Hey, so I've opened a Code Berg account for my little Quality list. With code berg, I can have a static site (see here: niquarl.codeberg.page )
You can still reccommend stuff to be added, I'll be checking issues on the GitHub and CodeBerg repos (on top of DMs). Eventually I'll make the website more than just an ugly list. It will still be a list but maybe with a bit more formatting...
ty for recc @IzzyOnDroid :thinkerguns:

Nice idea. Then i recommend myself cause i didn't see a german lets player there:D

@Niquarl Nice idea! And yes, I'd recommend… @codeberg ? :awesome:

And may I (again) recommend to add a "reason" to each link – so who browses the list gets an idea **WHY** this link is recommended, and what to expect behind it? Some (blender, nextcloud, fsfe) might be clear – most others are not. Like, @art (also peertube.mastodon.host) is having good videos on Linux and video production, @michlfranken makes great intros to Linux distros (German), @izzy has some scuba vids, etc.

@IzzyOnDroid Yes, I'm definitely going to be adding a kind of description now. Especially, as it's a website now haha ^^

Also, you might be interested in @peertubers_wiki

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