has now got it's first functional android app!
Link here: gitlab.com/agosto182/p2play/ (has got an apk for easy download)
@p2play is now realeased. It works though it's still got loads of features missing (subscriptions; search; commenting; rating ect..)

Some weird stuff like videos measured in seconds and not minutes apparently but it's very promising.
I wonder when it will be made available on @fdroidorg too.

cc @linux @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

So @p2play@gnusocial.ml is a android app that I shared in late 2018 and it has really come a long way. It is even availlable via now!
I'll have to download it and take it for a spin.

Fyi, you can also watch peertube videos via and it works pretty great!


Are you still looking for a good android application?
Look no further (or do but it's already great) into
It is availlable both on Google Play Store and !

Here is the repo: framagit.org/tom79/fedilab-tub

It's from the same dev behind FediLab!

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