Testing out live streaming for (for about 30minutes)
It seems to work okay, with about 70seconds of lag.

(use this for comments if you are going to follow along ?)

My internet speed is not really fast enough to stream I think...

Ok, live is finished, thank you for checking out.
It works well, in the end never went under 45sec delay but I think that might be because of my slow internet connexion.

FYI, @ChrisWere is live right now on @gamingwithwerewolves (Share.Tube instance)

@lps Thank you.
Would need to try it out with more people watching. (I think it went up to 5 peers at one point)

So can I assume it was pretty low on resources if you were not recording it? Is there an easy to follow description of how to do this with OBS somewhere?

@lps Yes you can follow this guide here:
It should be clear enough.
There was no live transcoding and no after-broadcast publishing indeed. Would need to test more to really know how well it does.
If you go on the official forum there was a french collective that streamed a talk to about 200 people iirc.

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