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Nobilis Reed

MY STARS, having glasses is so, so annoying.

Ugh, I keep forgetting to login to Mastodon...

One of the good things about being both an author and a narrator, is that I can stop myself when I write sentences like these:

"Shesta wished she shared his optimism."


Record some smut
Hook up the propane to the grill
Probably lots of other shit


Welcome to Mastodon!

How long do you think we have before this place becomes either a wasteland of abandoned accounts, or a cesspit?

There's nothing for it. I have to admit--I'm listening to too many podcasts. I am falling further and further behind.

Now I need to figure out which ones to drop.

Okay. Taxes filed.

Laundry swapped.

Progress made on taxes, but I need Dee for the last step.

Now for some laundry.


Finish my taxes (Yes, I'm that guy)
Lots and lots of laundry
Audio editing
D&D game prep

Okay, podcast episode posted.

Dishwasher cleaning underway (we're trying some newfangled stuff)

Politician town hall has been migrained out.

Tonight's to do list

Clean the dishwasher
Post podcast episode
Go to politician town hall
Other Duties As Assigned

I've been making my to-do lists on Facebook, but I'm going to start posting them here now.

Because fuck Facebook.

* Enter some tax information (maybe finish it)
* Record podcast stuff
* Get a formal announcement of D&D thing out

I'll reply to this toot when I get stuff done.

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🔥BANQUET Page 79 is UP!🔥

💝 Visit the Patreon for early updates, extra art, and the saucy art feed! 👀


I am bringing your Nuts game to Balticon and I'm going to see if I can get some folks to play it with.

I just discovered @IronSpike is on Mastodon and posting weird art and my day is complete.

Okay, so, no, it's not complete, I'm taking my wife out to dinner tonight and I need to finish editing audio for my patreon patrons and probably a half dozen other things

But I think you know what I mean.

I was just notified that "Monster Whisperer" has earned out!