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Nobilis Reed

I just discovered @IronSpike is on Mastodon and posting weird art and my day is complete.

Okay, so, no, it's not complete, I'm taking my wife out to dinner tonight and I need to finish editing audio for my patreon patrons and probably a half dozen other things

But I think you know what I mean.

I was just notified that "Monster Whisperer" has earned out!

A sentence I used rejecting a story submitted for publication in my podcast today:

"Good sex is good sex, but self-esteem problems, even those that are magically caused, don't go away because of dick."

The Nobilis Erotica Patreon campaign needs just a few more patrons to be able to afford two patron-sponsored episodes a month.

Watched the first episode of tonight. Jaw-droppingly good.

Also, there were lots of butts and boobies.

Harrowing evening complete. Been on the road for something like six hours straight, driving down to Staunton and back to bring Nitrolad back from the program he had been attending, but wasn't ready for. Ready to collapse.

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Single web dev seeks js text adventure parser engine for late nights and decisions made in poor taste.

Ugh. What's the use of being responsible and going to bed at a reasonable hour, if your body refuses to sleep until after midnight?

Turn the volume up. No, it's not a joke. This is amazing.

Time for some audio editing.

Happy new year, Mastodonites.

From someone who lives in the time zone that thinks it's the center of the universe.

Watched The Orville tonight, s1e6, "Krill."

Some of the cringe humor made me...cringe. I like seeing people do ill-considered things for good reasons, not ill-considered things because they're funny.

Least favorite episode so far, but on the whole I'm enjoying the series.

I have submitted a support ticket to Libsyn suggesting that they support posts to Mastodon.

I need a vacation from my vacation.

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Today's the first day of my Chrismas break!

I'm going to get SOOO much done!

(Shh. Let me have this moment.)

Last day at the dayjob before Christmas vacation.

I'm planning on doing four hours per day on yayjob most days until New Year's.

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