My friend and InfoSec notable, Lance James, has spent the last 7 years fighting a vindictive ex-wife and an apathetic court system for the right to see his children. His ex has decided to violate a court order mandating he be allowed to visit. He's now drowning in legal debt while he fights this. If you can help, anything is appreciated.

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Buddy of mine has written up a great tutorial on how to get started with some of the ShadowBrokers tools. Give this a read.

Note to Blue Team folks. Anti-phishing education is great. Periodic phishing awareness campaigns are also great. However, make sure to clarify what legit email looks like so if you ever have to mail your employees something that requires them to click on a link, they don't dismiss it as yet another phishing test.

Are you a fan of the Red Team Field Manual (RTFM)? Check out the new Blue Team Field Manual ( All that stuff you normally have to go look up? Yeah, it's in there.

Update: It is Polish. Made by the fine folks at Radom

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Random things you find when cleaning the back of the closet (its a flare gun. I think its Polish)

A few hours ago I had never heard of a Persian Kotlet. Now I just want to eat nothing but kotlets for the rest of my life

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Had a downright pleasant night out. Got to see friends I've not seen in some time

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I cringe whenever I see the term used by for profit companies as a marketing ploy and a way to achieve unpaid labor.

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I think I'm going to put up a Mastodon server on one of my parked domains. I think would be a good one

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So, we are currently invading on two fronts - French social media, and the migration of from twitter :P

We should probably make @Gargron 's life easier and help the guy out;

Please boost! (it's the new RT, right?)

Hrm. its not liking my animated gif profile pic

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