w00t! PreCalc is done. If I never do trig again, it'll be toooooo soon.

I was going to say something but the millisecond it took to open the app was enough for my thought to flitter away. Woot.

I wish I understood why the Overdrive app is being depreciated for the less usable and less functional Libby app.

Youngest, waking me up this morning: Are you awake?
Me: What?
Youngest: You sleep really late.
Me: Okay?

And then he leaves. Ha!

Let's see. One of the cats got out and disappeared. I poorly made shepherds pie that none of the children will eat. One of the guinea pig water bottles shattered. I thought I lost the EBT card. The youngest decided to hide when I sent him for a bath, so I thought I lost him too. The vacuum slipped out of my hand and flipped the trashcan over. I'm done with today.

Update on graphing tangents. Graphing cotangents, secants, and cosecants also suck. Please let the last two weeks of this course cover something besides trigonometric functions.

I hereby officially disapprove of graphing tangents. My desk has a head shaped dent now.

The Prius got stuck in the rut at the end of the driveway. (The rain washes thru that area.) When the neighbors showed up to help, I had a fight or flight reaction and ran away. I'm a ridiculous feral cat.

Foreign. Not forgotten. Representatives of forgotten governments would be more interesting.

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A thing I do not understand: why are Congress people making overseas trips and/or hosting representatives of forgotten governments?

We ended up at Savers (non-profit thrift store) and the kids picked out a few books.

I don't know what kind of crab this is, but there were a bunch of them. They like to scuttle from rock to rock.

We went to the ocean today and caught salt water hermit crabs. They are very spider-like.

I spent 12 hours on home work today, so I'm no longer behind in one class. Instead I'm behind on the other class. But my brain is fried, so I'm done. Goodnight moon.

Youngest smashed his tablet screen. Again. He's gone through more electronic devices than the next two kids combined. Sometimes I just don't know.

Most of the time, I just don't know.

The youngest broke the Chromebook. I got it for them in December for under $220. The repair by the manufacturer is $200 (plus shipping) but just buying a new one is around $210. I don't have that kinda $ either way.

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