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This mass move to is
a bit like creating a new settlement, no?

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This 'verse will take a while to figure out.
In the meantime, headed to down some very special masala chai.

Please make more temples and mosques. We are going to need places to beg when there will be no jobs.

What an exhausting Saturday this has been.
A masala chai would be nice.

Why I heart Our moderator has just informed us that he is aware that the Ayodhya verdict is expected today and that Islamophobia will not be tolerated.

Do you call yourself a nationalist?

Have you ever criticized the govt?

If no
have all their policies been great for the nation?

You know that's not true,some policies have miserably failed.

Still you didn't criticize them?

So this means you put the party you support interest over nation's interest.
Stop calling yourself a nationalist.

Inside, I read about temples and mosques and the lives that are woven around them.
Outside, the sky doesn't care.

"Masjid dha de,
mandir dha de,
Dha de jo kucch dainda ,
Par kisi da dil na dhaain,
Dil wich Rab Rainda"

Baba Bulley Shah

A grim reminder of a ghastly fact regarding NSG pullback of Gandhi family, Gujarat’s former Home minister and Modi nemesis Haren Pandya’s security cover had been withdrawn for political vendetta when he was murdered.
Modi was CM and Shah was Home minister then. Standard operating procedure!

My tweet about Babri seems to be trending. That is actually a bit sad. We seem to only remember truth/justice occasionally.

Few years ago, we all did and then we forgot.

Our problem is we forget. There are things you can't forget, you should NEVER forget.

Like-minded people make a space

Uss mod se shuru karein
Phir yeh zindagi

Har shay jahan Hasin thi
Hum tum thay ajnabi

Please switch off your TV sets tomorrow!

Kindly stay away from the venom spitting debates!


It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste


So Chanakya is officially a joke in Maharashtra. Hilarious. The aura has been punctured and how!


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