Ps: the bird is now at 280 characters and full of interesting people and stuff :)

So it's been a while since I visited, and Mastodon has decided I now have nobody in my home stream. Tumbleweed.

Workflow: Login. No new notifications. Check home. No interesting conversations. Conclusion: tumbleweed. @dogtrax @tellio @lauraritchie

A day of folk assuming
Can you?
Will you?
Have you?
Why have you not?
Here she can hide.
For now.
But for how long?

hey, new masto users: go ahead and follow everyone you want! and then unfollow later if you want, too. it's okay to follow someone and then decide you don't want or need to see them in your home TL. (especially if you're seeing them in the local or federated TLs and not interacting with them much personally). your new TLs will be hopping with activity, and it's okay if you're overwhelmed and need to pare down, or if you just don't connect with someone. don't take unfollows personally :)

So what words would you use to describe who you are here? Person? Human?

I see folk boosting posts. I favourite. Is that the same?

@Nomadwarmachine @tellio

The cat
what I
didn't know,
cuddled up
between my
worn pair of boots.
We dozed,
back in time,

poem remix

I awoke in a panic this morning. Late, late, I was going to be late. As I struggled out of bed, tripping over an abandoned pair of boots and disturbing a cat, I realised .... ah ... today is Saturday and a day of rest. I fell back into bed and, as I dozed off, a cat snuggled into me and purred. @tellio

@Tdorey - Thanks to you and Stylish I now have dark text on a pale grey background, and my head does not hurt any more. I really appreciate your help with this. cc @ShorterPearson


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