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The Mainstream Media has ignored the countless missing and murdered Native women and girls.

Taking the ribs all of you took out to suck your own dicks and adding them to my ribs to become the Rib Monster.

Me, thumbs hooked in my belt, addressing my deputy in the old west: "It's no good. That roll of toilet paper is soaked all the way through with cocaine water. If you eat it, you'll die of cocaine."

*gesturing to the heavens*

Just imagine humanity, one day... up among the stars... just being absolute /dicks/ to one another.

(rapturous sigh)

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here’s an excerpt from my Direct Messages (TM) (R) with Lynne De Lesbian

Screenshot 2018-11-15 03-21-37.…

me, 14 years old, about to read some very questionable harry potter fan fiction

"hey ben what are you doing"

me: oh, just looking at a photo of @lynnesbian and @luna sending pene to each other

i forgot that i had a twitter account and i just received this flaming turd in my inbox

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"The attacks by one U.S.-backed group against another come amid continued heavy fighting in Syria"

CIA best friends eh? 😭 :100_gay: :100_queer:

"Two Channels", Pentagon and CIA: Don’t Be Fooled, the CIA Was Only "Half the Problem" in Syria - Global Research

This article first appeared on GR in August 2017. The news that President Trump has halted the CIA program to arm and train rebel groups in Syria should be viewed with caution, as the CIA program only represented half of US involvement in Syria. Even if we take this information as completely accurate, and the CIA will …@stimulator

Spooks up to no good son - 1/2

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America - born in genocide, built on slavery and exploitation, and feeding like a parasite on the blood and resources of other nations.

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