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Muslim Twitter, and more specifically nbArab Muslim twitter, is showing their butt again.
Girl makes a thread about how Black ppl are always victimizing themselves. Says the Black community, then attempts to deflectby saying "we're one ummah".
I hate everyone.

Like i swear with my previous tweet about ppl using the white definition of civilization was predicting what Macron was gonna say.
Africa's problems (bcuz it's a monolith) are apparently because we're uncivilized and got too much kids.
I don't curse but man do I want to. Forget your civilization if it means colonizing and enslaving ppl we wrongfully deemed less. Forget your civilization when that means exploiting the vulnerable in order to get rich. Forget you.

I'm tired of white ppl/non-Africans w/ no actual knowledge or understanding about Africa speaking on African issues. I'm tired of them always blaming everything on us and our supposed backwardness as if colonization ended so long ago and as if neo-colonization doesn't exist. As if we aren't victims of imperialism and racism and of course our dear friend capitalism. Ignorant pigs.

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it's important to be critical of folks but the way y'all go so damn hard on darker skinned black women it's like hey sis your colorism is showing & you need to get yourself together

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let a darker skinned black girl fuck up once esp if she claims to be a feminist? LORD they will make sure she never breathes again it's so damn messy

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a lot of people (and when i say people i mean ESP black folk) hold dark skinned black women to a ridiculously high standard and when she disappoints them once... they drop her & she's cancelled for life

I'm so tired of white ppl/ppl from the GN perpetuating the idea that only GN nations are modern, that modernity and civilization came from them etc.
I'm not gone talk about whether they knew how to bathe or not. I'm just tired of everything being explained through a white (washed) gaze. I'm tired of ascribing to their lacking definitions of things and their inept understanding of other cultures.
Let's be honest: most things white, aren't right.

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@thegudtam I read that the Japanese Communist Party was growing in popularity during the 50s before the US suppressed it.

I will admit, however, that most Americans don't have the range to comment on GS issues. And I say Americans specifically because let's face, y'all are the most self-centered people on the planet (which isn't entirely your fault).
You're so focused on your issues, constantly put America in your analysis of other countries and so I can understand why GS leftists blow up on y'all. Also, you're constantly bombarded with imperialist propaganda (knowingly or unknowingly).

So that's my input on the whole "people living in the GN and benefitting from imperialism shouldn't comment on issues in the GS" discussion. It's aggravating to hear ignorant arguments/input from those who benefit off our exploitation, but it doesn't mean that they don't have the range.

Staying in your lane is important, but I feel like a balance needs to be reached. I understand how frustrating it is to have people who have nothing to do with an issue or country or area talk about it, but sometimes they have a whole new perspective to offer. Something that you never thought of.
I learned this while working ina volunteer group. There was a girl with vastly diff perpectives than mine, and thus she was able to see things I and the others with my background couldn't.

Okay guys listen up: loving someone isn't a pass for them to abuse you. Loving someone isn't a pass for them to take advantage of you.
You don't have to be "patient" or "kind" or "forgiving." In fact, when it comes to abuse you're not being either of those things. Stop praising ppl for being "patient" w/ their abusers. Toxic ppl don't deserve space in your life.

Shove it in their faces! Force them to face the realities of their actions/complicity. Make them realize they are not, in fact, the greatest purveyors of good in the world. Let them know how much we despise them and why!
Cause they really think we despise their freedoms built on our suffering.

Listen, American and European education is crap. Education in any place ashamed of their history and intent on upholding the status quo is crap. Whitewashed education is crap.
Colonizing imperialists need to have their shameful histories and presents shoved in their faces.

I'm just waiting for the day when we admit that there's such a thing as white Arabs and Arab isn't an actual race. Just like Latinx or Jewish aren't races. But whatever.

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hella racism, antiblackness Show more

"They're doing it to show they're better than us!"
No, that's you and your ppl. We just loving ourselves and having fun.

Y'all get so mad at us for doing for one or two days what y'all get to do ALL THE FREAKING TIME!! And that's celebrate your culture and Islam intertwined.
Me: oppressed ppl are allowed to celebrate themselves.
Them: South Asians are oppressed by Arabs I don't see them making a hashtag!
Me: yeah, and if they wanna they can.
Them: well the won't bcuz they have dignity and self-worth even if other ppl out them down. Take notes.
Me: there it is! Your anti-Blackness!!

Oh man non Black Muslims really frickin' piss me off!! Can't Black ppl just live and breathe and love ourselves w/o y'all making it about you?
Y'all know the ht ? Nb Muslims out here getting they abayas and thobes and Salwar kameez's etc in a twist over it.
"I think it's to show that Black Eid is better than others." Lol wut.