The rise of nationalism in the Ottoman Empire is so fascinating.

@Nonosbah just reading how the Serbs had to expel janissaries from Belgrade because the pasha couldn't help them. When they won, they realized they didn't​ actually need him.

@AquaMarching okay who were the janissaries, and whose the pasha? I'm not familiar with the history tbh

@Nonosbah in Devshirme (blood collection) the Ottoman would go through out the Balkans taking Christian boys and taking them back to Anatolia. Then they were converted to Islam and taught how to be warriors. Becoming the sultan's personal bodyguard.

@Nonosbah the Pasha was like a military officer. He ran the garrison of janissaries stationed in Belgrade. The janissaries killed him and proceeded to rule Serbia without permission from their sultan. This prompted the Serbs to fight them in two separate revolutions.

@AquaMarching okay so janissaries were the mercenary Christian boys turned Muslim?

@Nonosbah yes exactly. Except they were not mercenaries. They were the Sultan's bodyguard who would on occasion have expeditionary duties. Such as an entire garrison of them being stationed in Belgrade to help keep the peace.

@AquaMarching oh okay I get it now. And they were fed up w/ him?

@Nonosbah yes, the janissaries felt they weren't being compensated enough to be fighting so far from home when they were created for bodyguard duties. Not expeditionary law enforcement. So while the Sultan was fighting the French in Egypt. They took advantage of the situation as he wasn't paying as much attention to the Balkans.

@AquaMarching oh okay okay. So they took over the Balkans and then what? Sorry I'm out here asking questions you don't hafta answer

@Nonosbah no no it's okay. The 1st Serbian Uprising lead by Black George began. It's important to note is was the first phase of the greater Serbian Revolution.

@AquaMarching so the Serbs weren't happy with being rules by the janisseries?

@Nonosbah Yes, the janissaries were quote brutal, and even lead a mass killing of Serbian leadership and intelligencia called The Slaughter of the Knezes.

@AquaMarching wow. But weren't they of Balkan descent? I guess they just really wanted power. After the first uprising lead by Black George there were more? Leading up to a revolution?

@Nonosbah although the janissaries were of Balkan decent, remember as boys they were taken and raised in Turkey. Eventually the Serbs did defeat the renegad janissaries. Only for Black George to be assinated, and Serbia to go under military occupation for the next 3 years. The frustration sparked the Second Serbian Uprising which became the larger Serbian Revolution.

@Nonosbah the second uprising was lead by Milos Obrenevic. When he won, Serbia became a semi-autonomous principality under his absolute rule. Many Serbs were dissatisfied because they felt they had just traded a Muslim Pasha for a Christian one. And in many ways this was absolutely true.


@AquaMarching wow I'm learning so much thank you but I will never remember all these names.How long did Milos rule?

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