#Newpipe 0.14.2 can't play YouTube videos anymore. Downgrading to 0.14.1 seems to work for the moment. (Need to uninstall the latest version first.)

The problem is fixed upstream in version 0.15 which will be on fdroid in 1-2 days.

@fdroidorg Question: Why does F-Droid not have an "all installed apps"-area any more? It is very inconvenient on several occasions. Finding this app took a longer time, because I had to look for it in the list of all available apps instead of the installed apps.

@Haydar @fdroidorg Aah Danke! Auf die Idee muss man erst mal kommen, das in den Einstellungen zu suchen. Und ich Dummerchen dachte, in den Einstellungen stellt man ein, wie sich der genutzte Dienst verhalten soll.


@reticuleena @Haydar @fdroidorg es gibt aber auch dumme menschen, ich ganz vorn dabei πŸ€™πŸΏπŸ˜…

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