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Don't talk to me about wastage. The French add letters to their words that they have no intention of pronouncing.

We're all cool till we're on the dentist's chair with our lifestyle choices being evaluated.

I don't think there's a single picture or video of where he isn't smiling genuinely and from his heart. Still remember how warm and soft-spoken he was when he had come to the Indian Express office while I was working there.
Thank you, sir.
Rest In Peace.


Look at these three tweets. Sambit Patra and Ashoke Pandit tweeted about the ‘attack’ even before Republic TV broke the story! How on earth can this happen?


This is our cat Squishy. Renaming him Arnab because he deals with all his problems by biting people.

Only a brown parent can recall how their house was like a military camp when they were growing up like it's something to be proud of.

4. By Sunday night, Palghar, lynching and "ShameOnUddhavGovernment" are trending as hundreds of Twitter accounts propogate the same fake narrative to increase traction.



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3. Within a couple of hours, the incident is given a communal twist, with the fact that the accused and the victims are of the SAME RELIGION being conveniently ignored. Those who try to clarify the truth are trolled and shamed.

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2. Late Sunday afternoon, a sudden surge is observed on Twitter about the Palghar lynching case, which occurred on LAST THURSDAY, in which 101 accused are ALREADY ARRESTED.


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Chaliye, chronology samjhte hain.

1. Early Sunday afternoon, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray starts getting appreciation for his handling of the Coronavirus crisis in the State.

Someday, when this is all behind us, we will sit together and laugh about how we'd fight and crib and stress over some really trivial things before we were locked up and subjected to WhatsApp forwards about NASA studies on plate-banging.

The one with only a handkerchief for a mask, is the doctor. The others are a politician and security attendants

Let me make it clear.
A doctor may or may not praise the pristine condition of your vocal cords but will definitely tell you how damaged your lungs are.
It works the same way with journalists.
We did not take this job so you could lecture us about "spreading negativity in times of crisis".
A lot of my counterparts are out there breaking their backs to get you the true picture.
So please, sit down with your moral high ground.

Lab tests by a CDC branch in China's Anhui province have shown a 96.5-99.9% deactivation of the .
Meanwhile, we're busy posting "BOYCOTT CHINA" using our Chinese made smartphones.

Please stop comparing your situation to .
Unko ghar se baahar niklo toh phatke nahi padte aur tumko andar tikey rehne ke paise nahi milenge.

"Na shawad naseeb-e-dushman ke shawad halaak-e-taighat;
sar-e-dostaan salamat ke tu khanjar aazmaai!

(God forbid any of your foes perish at your hands,
The heads of your friends are safe for you to wield your sword!)"

Amir Khusrau.

More pictures from Delhi-UP border. This is upsetting.
Most of them are daily-wage workers in factories. They are worried they will starve here.

It's the rich and entitled causing major damage and spreading the disease.

People are so bored, even I'm getting matches on dating apps.

If you're among those propagating the "scientific" basis of on WhatsApp, I hope, for your sake, it's based on your own research.
If even one person steps out on Monday believing we've clap-killed Corona and gets infected, that'll be on you.
Every. One. Of. You.

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