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This. Defines. Courage.

RT It sounds like Christine Blasey Ford agonized over what to do. Whether to speak out on the record. With rumors spreading and reporters knocking, she decided to speak publicly: "I feel like my civic responsibility is outweighing my anguish and terror about retaliation."


My TED Talk

16 Horsepower
Anias Mitchell
Isao Tomito
Nick Cave
Zoe Keating
Tricky (he's burning shit down)
Laura Veirs
Tom Waits
Neil Young
YoYo Ma
Fever Ray

Me: you're new here
Them: no we're not
Me: the fuck you say, I know everyone here and I've not seen you before
Them: He got us
Also Them: how the fuck did he know

RT So let me tell ya
I'm American but I lived in Australia for five yrs
I didn't worry about going to the Doctor, if I needed to I went
I paid taxes & 2% of my taxes paid for my Healthcare
So it wasn't free, I paid for it
And medicines didn't cost a zillion dollars
It was just easy



I saw it happen because of pressure regulation for a high pressure pipeline to cause the San Bruno gas disaster a few years ago. It was caused by an old section of high pressure welded line from 1956 that finally ruptured as PG&E continued year by year increasing the pressure to increase gas delivery.

I would feel confident saying that the odds are 9 in 10 that its simple infrastructure decay, aggravated by the favorable economics of letting it fail before fixing it.

Massachusetts and Columbia gas are very slowly going door to door checking for gas leaks, stalling for time because they aren't sure how to break the news that their low pressure lines were compromised and delivered unregulated pressures to everyone served by that PRV station.
Somewhere some devious cunt is smiling ear to ear knowing he can hack the grid.
Yes, it's a he. Women don't do this shit and I'll fight you.
That's one plausible explanation.
And yours is?

I think one possible solution to both gun violence and sexual assault is this: only let women and girls carry weapons from now on.

This is also how we will further my plans of matriarchy. Boys shouldn't play with weapons. Let's take them away.

The continuing impact of the Great Recession
(Plus- the Wall Street bombing)
“The prevailing ideology of the modern west – which is political economy – is in the doghouse”*…

Keep cause and effect straight at:

Memory comes when memory's old 
I am never the first to know 
Following the stream up North 
Where do people like us float

… There is room in my lap 
For bruises, asses, handclaps 
I will never disappear 
For forever, I'll be here

… Whispering 
Morning, keep the streets empty for me
Morning, keep the streets empty for me

… I'm laying down, eating snow 
My fur is hot, my tongue is cold 
On a bed of spider web 
I think of how to change myself

Velvet mites will keep us warm
-Fever Ray

Ancient Egyptians. Masters of:
- Mathematics
- Mummification
- Stonework
- WiFi

Me: I don't think there's a DM feature on here
Also Me: Why the fuck do you care
Me: Because I see so many people write don't DM me in their profile
Also Me: Why the fuck do you keep capitalizing me
Me: Fuck you, why can't you just be civil on any of these fucking pathetic social sites
Also Me: There he is.

I'm just like everyone else, only moreso, yet just not moreso enough to be exactly like everyone.

George Orwell: The object of the war is not to make or prevent conquests of territory, but to keep the structure of society intact.

Did you know there's a YouTube tutorial for instructions in calling off work for places you don't work.

I see how you're going to play Oil City PA.
Oh I'll walk my bike, until you can't see me

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