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12 bees in a trench coat
thats just a guy
just a guy

i was wrong i cant do that so this account isnt getting deleted but im not longer gonna use it

i think i can transfer all of my old toots to my new account as well so it 'll be like nothing changed

hey guys how do i do the thing that lets me follow all of my old follows on a new account? i wanna completely move to efdn. also how do i send out that mass DM to my followers

i love it when my random shitposts with litterally no meaning, and that arent even funny gets likes. i litterally just strung some words into a sentence and .social eats it up

spoops in the castle scarin all the princes

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heehee she’s wearing my hoodie (^◇^)

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math wont teach ya how to problem solve n think
u kno wut will tho? pokemon battles

sometimes i find myself being into an anime person then i find out theyre just a guy with long hair

someone on my insta tl keeps drawing feet and i will NOT stand for it

i keep thinking about the fact that my friend scrolled like 5 days back when she found my masto and we're still friends so i guess shes a real one

what if our ears were spherical like our eyes are

my friend said i started buffering while i was talking

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ya know tbf i didnt think id live this long so im not doing horribly actually

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Hey guys I’m in gym, what’s popping

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