I think I've been on here for about a year now but I'm not sure. That feels right though.

I'm always a little disappointed that slashfic refers to romance fan fictions instead of like, putting characters into slasher movie scenarios.

bought a cassette off Bandcamp and it's a great set except that the case came smashed

Reading the Persona 3 manga. It's interesting to see Minato presented not as an avatar for myself but as just some guy who is very boring.

An Of Mice and Men reboot that ends with George canceling Lenny.

Really hoping that I make it through 2019 with my sanity intact. Odds are looking slimmer though.

Slamming Tums and ginger ale, starting to see improvement.

Having a bad tummy time at 3 am and I just want to sleep

Catching up on the political discourse after having a very busy day and it's like sticking my brain into a microwave.

Car commercial with Baby Shark came on. Shouldn't be legal to do that.

Probably wouldn't be cheaper, but you'd probably be able to get better parts and also you wouldn't be paying like $100-$200 for 3 games that you can get for like $5 elsewhere.

Those arcade cabinets they make now with like 3 fighting games loaded on them are cool, but I feel like you might be able to just make your won with a Raspberry Pi in it and put whatever you want on it.

I love Evo so much. Fighting games are so cool. Legitimately one of my favorite parts of the year.

ArcSys coming up with the tech to make 3D models look like 2D animes is legitimately one of the coolest things in gaming this decade. Every game they've made with it is just beautiful.

Thinking about how if you type Will.i.am in most places it turns into a hyperlink and how it actually links to Will.i.am's personal website, will.i.am.

Update: They're good and I cut myself zero times.

Gonna try to cook breakfast burritos today. I'm not a good cook and I've never properly folded a burrito.

I think the only thing most Twitter people know about Mastodon is that Wil Wheaton got owned here, and honestly that's pretty cool.

The end of that set was so tense that I popped off watching it lol

Starting to think my dreams might actually be dead now. Not a great feeling.

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