We've raised over $1000 in less than 24 hours since we started crowdfunding to get @IlhanMN@twitter.com an ARP 2600 🎶

Let's keep it going 🤙


the overly-expressive youtuber affectation is like nails on a chalkboard to me

cc @vanityset@twitter.com @zenalbatross@twitter.com @ctrl_mod@twitter.com @anamanaguchi@twitter.com @bit_shifter_@twitter.com @GabeLiberti@twitter.com @popcorn10000000@twitter.com @_vade@twitter.com @VALENTI@twitter.com @timmaughan@twitter.com please help spread the word 🤙

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I've setup a crowdfunding campaign to get an ARP 2600 for @IlhanMN@twitter.com.

Inspired by the recent exchange between her and @yungchomsky@twitter.com.

Let's get Ilhan that ARP 🎶


this is the future that leftists want

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@yungchomsky@twitter.com Just get me an ARP 2600 and I’ll be set 😜

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Breonna Taylor was shot to death by police in her own home. She was shot 8 times. She did not deserve to die. Let’s amplify her name and her story and continue to take her death seriously. She is not a meme or a concept. She was a person and she should be alive.

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we never should have let corporations onto the internet

roll off the highs above 10kHz

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I guess we should’ve had a plan beyond flattening the curve in hindsight

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one of my “favorite” stories about Japan

I was strolling through a park there when I passed an old men walking his dog

as he walked past, he looked me in the eyes, smiling, and said 死ね

死ね (shine) means die, drop dead, go to hell, fuck you, fuck off and die, kill yourself

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y’all think japan is this paradise of soft kawaii anime boys and girls who are soft spoken and innocent. i’m japanese living in japan, and i think it’s important to let people be aware (especially those wanting to move to 🌸😍 JAPAN 😍🌸) of some important issues 👀 *A THREAD*

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all of time is collapsing into an infinite present

that's the weekend reading sorted then

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some reading on for (via @ssseannn@twitter.com) dwellerforever.blog/library/

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imagine if you murdered someone who was asleep in their bed and the worst consequences you faced were your boss saying “you're fired”

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I don't know who needs to hear this but cops aren't supposed to kill guilty people either.

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Insane Clown Posse showing that they're capable of more sanity and humanity than half of Americans

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You kept asking so we brought it back! Now available in all sizes, get yours now at

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delete this and replace with “reduce police budget by $6 billion”

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Today I will sign additional police reforms:

-Police must report a weapon discharge within 6 hrs
-Police depts & courts must track arrest data, including race/ethnicity
-Police must provide for the medical & mental health needs of those under arrest or in custody who require it

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