Wow I'm back from the dead is this site still working ?

life has no purpose and we're all here for a shorter time than we would want hi how are you ?

Si des francophones écoutent des podcasts audio ici, je viens d'en sortir un où on écrit des films en faisant des blagues et c'est vachement bien.
Dispo sur Spotify :
et iTunes :
et PodCloud :

Why did the chicken cross the road ? 

does it really matter when we kill millions of them each day just to fry them and put them in a bucket from Kentucky ?
Get your priorities straight.

I made a video about my whole year 2018, where I filmed a little bit each week. This is a huge thing for me, you can check it out here :

a movie villain using Mastodon wouldn't say "You talk too much" but "You toot too much" and this is kinda funny to hear already

🇫🇷 Yo les guys comment ça se passe dans vos vies de merde ?
🇬🇧 Hi

68 followers, can someone follow me so I can have a 0.11 second laugh and forget about it

memes are like saying shitty joke that everybody already knows to a girl in a bar but still make her laugh

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Me during sex: hurt me

You all: no, that's twitter mentality

Me: what?

You: you don't need a meme format to talk about your insecurities here

sex is good but have you ever tried a lot of it ?
it's the same but a lot

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