It's a DORK TOWER WEDNESDAY. Anxious new strip up now at

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It's an artsy DORK TOWER THURSDAY! New strip up at the Mothership -

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Funny, I grew up in a conservative Christian church and always had the impression that guns were violent and we were supposed to be people of peace.....

Is this heaven? No - it's a DORK TOWER MONDAY! News strip up now, at

SHARING IS CARING (plus - it helps a ton), but most of all...enjoy!

I ride a "retro style" bike bought about 10 years ago. It's kinda funny that the kind of bike I grew up with is considered "cute" by the kids of today. :)

After hearing people today say that Millennials are listening to music from, like, Rat Pack days, I realize that most of my favorite music is made by my own generation--not Boomers, not Millennials, but mine

It's a DORK TOWER FRIDAY! Gamey new strip up at

SHARING IS CARING(please and thank you! It really helps), but most of all...enjoy!

It's a DORK TOWER WEDNESDAY! Gamey new strip up at

SHARING IS CARING (please and thanks - it helps a ton) - but most of all...enjoy!

My gosh this cat is spoiled! The talkback I get for picking her up off the kitchen table....

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