A few days ago I invested in Beat Saber.

Holy shit. It's amazeballs. You need to play this game.

To put it in perspective, I'm sacrificing some Rocket League time to play it.

THAT's how serious this is!

A small glimpse into my nerd past. Just a subset of bookshelves in my office.

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Excellent. Twitter's new UI is constantly forcing the "home" view rather than "show me the fucking tweets as they come in" view.

They've ported the mobile bollocks to the web UI. Great.

Please, please can we migrate to Mastodon now?

Moving all my 2FA stuff from Google Authenticator to Authy has been an utter ballache. At least it means I have backups now though.

Good times and awesome company. Rock climbing with my 9yo at Brooyar.

I wish this thing would take off. Twitter makes me angry.

After 4 years it was time to retire my old avatar for something more recent and up with the times. This is me at a bouldering comp!

Full details at patreon.com/OJReeves if you need more information.

Please note that this doesn't in any way change my existing public streaming schedule. That will continue as always.

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So I thought I'd update my live stream Patron tiers to include a couple of other things. Some tiers will get access to prerecorded streams that aren't going to be available to the general public, and other tiers will have access to live streams specific to those Patrons.
The intent here is not to hide content from people, but instead provide a more personalised streaming service to people who are supporting me. I think this is a nice way to say "thank you" for the support. Thoughts are welcome!

This is an epic live-action shot of me in 2003 working on my game engine in VC++ 6.0!

Check out that hardware, yo!

And as a result of this "meh" response I seem to have, I feel like I am coming across as a jerk. This makes me sad. But I can't honestly get excited by it.

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I find myself constantly underwhelmed by certain advances in offensive security approaches when other people find them exciting. But I've realised that it's due to the fact that offsec tools are taking advantage of things that developers have been doing for decades. So what's old is new again.

The most recent case of this is runtime resolution of missing dependencies via exception handling and loading from internal resources in .NET.

Nothing special at all. Old news. But new to security.

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