After nearly 20 years of working in IT-related roles, across development and security, one thing sticks out like the proverbial "dogs balls" yet so few companies see it.

If you treat your people well, your business will do well. It's so simple. Companies that look after their people retain those people, and those people work hard to make the business succeed.

So, stop treating your people like resources and treat them like humans, for fuck sake!

@OJ Fully agreed. 👏 Was in IT for 40 years. Also saw the renaming of “Personnel” departments to “Human Resources” and the corresponding subtle shift in priorities from serving people to serving corporate interests (and often themselves).

Maybe that’s one reason I like Mastodon. I suddenly feel like a person again, not a resource.

@jo so true mate. It's really sad. I run a very small business and I know that the most important thing is keeping my people happy. I hope to never lose sight of this.

@OJ is that not precisely the reason “Human Resources” feels like a complete misnomer?

@OJ Can 1000000% confirm this (also worked in various I.T. roles for nearly 23 years)

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