antisemites can gargle shark nards. i fucking hate them. forever.

Sharks are actually a very misunderstood and endangered species! No sharks actively prey on humans, and only 3 species are considered a threat to humans because they may mistake humans to be seals or some of their usual prey. Also, sharks are in danger of extinction because of the shark fin tirade in China and other parts of East Asia, not to mention habitat loss... Antisemites should try the vegetarian option instead.


I agree. As a professor once told me, "we need to save the Earth" makes no sense. The Earth doesn't need us to save it, it's literally a lump of rock floating in space, it'll be around after we all are long gone. In fact, we need to "save ourselves" by conserving the environment. This destruction is a mess we got ourselves into, it's our responsibility to get ourselves out.

@OceanMan @cccoyote i was just yelling at antisemites, not trying to uhh insult sharks

Lmao with my tag that's what I talk about. Also I agree on the general idea about antisemites
@cccoyote @talialavin

@OceanMan shark awareness is important! But derailing a Jewish user’s post about antisemitism is a shitty thing to do.

@OceanMan @cccoyote @talialavin my dad is a professor of bio and always said the earth did fine during the many extinctions it’s the living things that thought it sucked (I was 8 - 11 at the time)... wish we’d get selfish

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