patrick stewart actually wears a hairpiece but it gets stolen by the same bird every single day when he walks out the door in the morning

I would argue that Mastodon's collective predilection for sexual détournements of beloved childhood mascots is a form of hauntology, a tension-filled, dialectical liminality that exposes the inherent contradictions of the influence of late capitalism on the innocence of childhood, but I'm going to save the full exploration of this for a possible PhD dissertation now

rest in power crazy frog, you taught me it was okay to be weird

here's a curated collection of my career-defining artwork from before i jumped ship from .social

featuring: big tiddy alf, phone weasel, vape ape and weed centipede

My mom is so cute and every pic of the bread she bakes has Chef Bear in it

Mastodon is like a city 🏙️

Your instance is your apartment building 🏢

Local is your neighbors 👩‍🏭👨‍🍳👨‍🏫🧓

Global is the whole part of the city you can see from your apartment 🏢🏘️🏚️

Home is the friends in your living room 🛋️

Even if you think something you love is unbelievably corny, love the heck out of it. No shame, no surrender.

In this film, Christopher Walken plays a genetically engineered supervillain and Grace Jones plays Grace Jones

Have had a wonderful week and a half catching up with L.A. Friends and family, definitely going to be missing them when I'm back in Japan starting next week

the head shop I was in last night had these for sale and i came very close to wasting over 30 dollars on them

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