A new episode of my show The Panalysts came out today.

It's a weekly TV show length UK style panel show. I host it, edit it and come up with all the prompts. It's VERY funny, and sort of a slow burn into total absurdity. Please check it out?


@Kathleen_LRR Slow burn perfectly describes it. I always start the episodes thinking well this isnt too funny, and just a moment later it will have me actually laughing out loud. This show is Great!!!

@OessiMC Thanks! I always think the episode isn't funny when I'm done editing it, then I watch it and then I'm like "where did 18 minutes just go?!"


@Kathleen_LRR One question, dont know if it has been awnsered elsewhere, but how scripted is it?
Like i know you guys are great at improv from LR-Live , but no way you are that good first take.

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@OessiMC We do a long recording session and I edit it down to the best bits. So the less funny exchanges and 'warm up' jokes are cut. Usually it goes from 30-35ish minutes to 16-17 in the final edit.
Nothing is scripted. All improv.

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