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Flipping the Senate is an imperative in this election - the current GOP majority is failing to represent their constituents and failing to protect the country. Here are 5 places to start:

Arizona! Mark Kelly is an American hero for more reasons than one and he is asking to serve the nation again:

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The Republicans had time to cram through a Supreme Court nomination, but not to pass any of House approved aid packages that would help the nation. Proof once again that their priorities are all about preserving their power, not serving the people.


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This SCOTUS decision for Wisconsin voters is a terrible sign for our democracy.

State courts have held the power to interpret state election law. This is an important division of power. If the SCOTUS can overrule a state supreme court on a question of state law, 9 people will be deciding whether or not any of us can vote.

Vote today if you haven't, blue everywhere.

The Supreme Court’s new decision on Wisconsin mail-in ballots threatens a century of voting rights law:

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The Supreme Court has just become another GOP degraded institution designed to maintain minority rule in this country. #VoteBlueLikeEveryonesLifeDependsOnIt

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DeVos has proven herself unqualified to be Secretary of Education and is absolutely out of her element in attempts to interpret public health and clinical information about infectious disease transmission.

She is a one-person death panel. Finally, she is a serial liar.

This by itself should be enough to get people to vote for Joe Biden and DeVos isn't even the worst thing about this administration.

Analysis | DeVos’s claim that children are ‘stoppers’ of covid-19:

K kids - how do I migrate my account to a new instance? Is there a quick tutorial so I don't screw it up?

Been gone for a minute now I'm back at the jump off.

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It's a show of the true face of the GOP that racist, white supremacist Steve King lasted this long.

His primary defeater, Randy Feenstra, is part and parcel to that GOP character. He wants to restore so-called "Christian values" by pushing the Heartbeat Bill (extreme violation of women's rights). He's a "warrior-for-Christ" type in the same vein as Betsy DeVos.

The Republican Party belongs on the ash heap of history. We need to put Democrat J.D. Scholten in this seat.

Social distancing will save lives. Let us be the community we know we can be.

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Does it feel like we're at a critical point in human history to anyone else?

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If you need to vote in the today, read and share this story.

A link to the IL Board of Elections is inside. Polling places are changing and procedures for voting at alternate locations are available.

This country needs tests now. This would be far less a clusterfuck if we did.

Day one of closed schools.
Sorry, been MIA this week with an assortment of things. I'll be back at it soon! Got some downballot primaries coming up, after all!

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I have worked in the criminal justice system in two states. I had to go to one jail in a major city in TX several times early one year for work. I got sick with viral infections three times back to back during that time. My doctor told me to stop going to the jail. In CO some jails do not feel it is their responsibility to give people psychiatric treatment. I disagree with them. You are absolutely right that we have to advocate for people who are incarcerated.

Not surprising, though damning.
Oh, also, have you met Betsy DeVos's brother?
Read the part about the educator union...

NYTimes: Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups

My brother was incarcerated awaiting trial for drug charges for 6 months and told me what the attention to health care needs (physical and mental) was like.

I plead with our officials at every level of government and service: Please do not neglect the human beings in correction facilities during this public health crisis. And to the public at large: It is a mistake to assume they have the power to self-advocate or have anyone prioritize their lives.

The first, of course, being that his district, newly less gerrymandered, was impossible for him to win again. Trump sycophant lifeline granted.

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Guess we know the other reason Meadows decided not to run MONTHS ago...

NYTimes: Trump Names Mark Meadows Chief of Staff, Ousting Mick Mulvaney

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Polls aren't votes, but polls can be a good indicator of where opportunities lie.

If we use our energy and time correctly, we as Democrats have enough opportunities to flip the Senate blue to make it happen.

Support Mark Kelly for Arizona. This is a flippable seat. Say goodbye to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. And maybe hello to Senator Majority Leader Elizabeth Warren.

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Today's reminder that elections have consequences and that some things are bigger than you.

Trump just got the chance to pick another judge for the influential appeals court in D.C.

Judge Thomas B. Griffith announced he would retire in September, ahead of the 2020 election.

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When your hunch is going to kill people and you've never had a correct hunch in your life.

Coronavirus death rate is 3.4%, World Health Organization says, Trump says 'hunch' tells him that's wrong:

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