Flipping the Senate is an imperative in this election - the current GOP majority is failing to represent their constituents and failing to protect the country. Here are 5 places to start:

Arizona! Mark Kelly is an American hero for more reasons than one and he is asking to serve the nation again:

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Alabama! Doug Jones is running in a tough race and needs our support. Doug is championing the many patriotic Americans that refuse to let a corrupt administration destroy our progress and prosperity. He knew his impeachment vote may imperil his re-election, but also that it was the right thing to do.


Man, just get Cory Gardner out of the way. Cory Gardner has been notoriously MIA from meeting with his constituents. He was traditionally an outspoken critic of Russian aggression...and then along came Trump. Now, he's silent, complicit, and no where to be found.

Colorado's caucus is coming up March 7, so if you can, participate to select the Dem who will take over this seat!

Whomever is selected, come November, !

It goes without saying, but KENTUCKY deserves better than Mitch.

So let's help our friends in Kentucky bring someone to the Senate who will fight the only way she knows how - with strength, integrity, and on the side of justice. If you don't already know, meet Amy McGrath, who ran for Congress in 2018 and nearly won (48% to 51%). She can help us

And there are others, but for today, let's put the cherry on top with South Carolina's very own Lindsay Graham.

I do declare.

Jaime Harrison is giving him a real contest - and Graham has the money, but it is time to stand up to his corruption, inexplicable and sudden allegiance to Trump, and disregard for truth and justice. Learn more about Jaime in this interview and support his inspiring run to bring integrity back to this Senate seat.

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