hey @amazonmusic@twitter.com, don't want to be picky but ... (this is on the AU site, but not sure if it's a common graphic!)

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We can’t ignore any longer. Unless we end the excuses, we’ll be another species facing extinction.

Join us and @FrankieTheDino@twitter.com, and let's take before it’s too late: dontchooseextinction.com

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I don’t really understand how people who were young in the 80s act so confused about different gender identities and expressions when the celebrities of their time looked like this

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Small dog was sick last night, so I stayed up with her. Big dog came to snuggle with her at about 4:15am... And she started to feel better and is fine this morning 💜

Fun afternoon ... Joined a crowd of fellow Harley riders at a car show. Looking forward to more sunny days

A sunny day here in the antipodean winter, so took the bike the long way to lunch!


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