Something I wrote right after the New Year. Since then I've becoming even more aware of how social media and the whole marketing thing is just an expression of the larger system of which I'm a "data subject" -- but hey, I'm certainly not alone in that regard. And there are alternative ways of being, and of moving through the world. "Breaking the Wheel"Breaking the Wheel

Breaking the Wheel: All social media "logic" tells me that, as an artist, I'm crazy to be leaving Instagram and Twitter. Yet, I'm doing just that:

I've started making small , to match the size of my studio. Tired of trying to find room for largish pieces. Here's one thing, "Lineas de Corazon." Description: black & white organic seed shapes and tubes threading through a vaguely , black, heart-shaped thing with a pointy shapes emerging from a disk. on bristol. 6x6 in.

Hayfever is killing me. Smokey air doesn't help, even though it has improved. See d rain, please! .

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Haven't been on the 'ol Mastodon much lately. But in the meantime I've become a rabid fangirl of @TheExpanse.

Hi, all: Is there an Mastodon instance that's more US/California based? I like Mastodon social, but miss the local connections.

So here I am again, 4 mos. later. Not sure why this isn't quite doing it for me. Perhaps I need to get on another art instance, for instance.

Oh wow. It just automatically linked! Way to go, Mastodon!

I have no idea how to link to things on Mastodon, and there's no deleting, so here's the URL to a post I wrote on my blog about connections between writing & drawing:

What happens to all my toots on Mastodon? Do they stay forever, or disappear at some point, or what? I should know this.

Will be doing a poetry reading in May for the End of the World Anthology. Sounds heavy, I know...

Glad to hear that @protonmail has joined @MastodonProject.

I've been away from the proboscidean community for several months. A lot has happened since then. My poetry collection got published (yay!), and I'm doing a two-person art show in March. So, while everything else around me (U.S.) goes to hell, I'm doing just "fine." And for now I won't even think about fire season in California because, hey, that's months away, and my asthma inhaler works just fine. :thinkhappy: heh Anyways, my book was published by Black Radish Books

I'm still on Scuttlebutt/Patchwork. Still trying to figure this out. Seems like a nice crowd (albeit much smaller than Mastodon Social). Now I'm wondering if the video I uploaded is actually going to be visible to my last post, because it doesn't show. Hmm.

I learned how to play with the drawing tool on a video editor. Here's my first attempt, while listening to Nerves in Patterns (Thomas Hugo) perform at a local arts event in Monterey CA. I guess you would call these sounds emotronic. In other news, today I am copyediting lengthy fish (Tilapia) reports. sigh.

Kind of brain-fried after copyediting the mother of all fishery reports... it was a productive day, albeit accompanied all day long with a dim feeling of oppression and dismay at the state of global humanity. Checked my Scuttlebutt account, and saw that I now have several followers. They seem like a nice/interesting group, if somewhat intimidating w/all their developer diaries...

I other news (and I know: curiosity killed the cat), I joined Scuttlebutt, another decentralized social network. The data does not sit in the cloud. It's stored on your computer. Check out this article:

"Santissima Trinidad," collage on stained birch panel, 12 x 12 x .5 inches. The "Santissima Trinidad" is an "anting anting," or Philippine occult icon used in amulets. Description: The pink triangle contains an open eye with an "A" at each corner. It's surrounded by vaguely vegetal shapes and centered on a wood panel stained yellow/gold. @elloart @collage @occult @filipino

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