Had a little time to do some more work in my altered book today :)

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Art journal page - monoprint background on a Geliplate with a rubber stamp hand print and added quote .

They almost spat out this headline .... 🙄

Sky News: Scottish independence: Sturgeon writes to Johnson to demand power for referendum news.sky.com/story/scottish-in

This project was completed a couple of years ago. An assemblage book style box! Had loads of fun with this piece and love the way it turned out.

Napkin art on a wooden panel. With added flowers and sea shells!! I love this napkin image!!

Was a gift to a friend for her birthday and she adores it!

Mini art shrine with rubber stamped images and an old glass vial.

Steampunk top hat with rubber stamped cards in a ribbon hat band! Had fun creating this one!

Steampunk cogs and gears along with rubber stamped flowers and clock !

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I very much enjoy having a ‘boosted’ status and as soon as I work out how to boost your status I’ll do it right back😁

A double page in one of my altered books. The jigsaw pieces are rubber stamps.

Sharing this here incase some of my new followers haven't seen it yet.

An altered book completed earlier this year

Click the link for the video walkthrough


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The Union of 1707: "A historical iniquity with no right but might behind it", the real story of how the Union was imposed on Scotland.

Forget 'Unionist' fantasies & nonsense about glorious centuries of equal partnership, the Union was not & never has been equal. >

I don't know much about this place yet, but I really hope the 'feds' don't find it 😱

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