Mastodon: Where infosec people went to talk existentially about social media platforms rather than, you know, be social.


@archwisp i think talking about social platforms is social though, for sure

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@archwisp i mean, what's more human than discussing the human condition? Of discussing our tools and methods?

@OliverUv It's a pretty classic argument of self-introspection. On one hand it can lead to improvement. Taken too far, we spend all our time extracting belly-button lint.

@archwisp yeah well, what better time to discuss these things than when we're just experiencing the differences between two mediums? Helps us be mindful of what can be different, lets us consider what should, and what shouldn't be different. Right?

Also: if we get enough of that high quality naval lint i'm sure we can make a nice sweater out of it

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