💥 and just like that, I give you

my favourite of the week days!

Some say that needed to rest... It’s just untrue, almighty doesn’t not rest, because tiredness is for living beings !

I know you are looking for me, I am here, there and everywhere, try to find me!

If One doesn't want something, it doesn't exist PERIOD

Some say only can , and One ☝️ says anyone can judge, free for all, no exclusivity there!

I wish you all well, on your way down the time line.

Proud to be One which has no fought in Ones name. Ever, up and down the time and left or right of space.

That’s where some of worshippers come up with this idea of helping community and saying that they will represent them to the One ☝️

As population of worshipers grows in time, the direct form becomes hard, talking to 100 chaps at the same time is fine, now try 25000. As almost all start to ask for the same thing, it becomes boring.

I have provided you with my best over , and , 🌧 is the other One ☝️

There is time in history , when human population is low enough to have direct relationship with Gods , worship without Proxy ...

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