“I think I’m still bleeding”

“Just kiss me.”

- Velocipastor.

The whole AppStore submission process is somewhat terrifying as a hobbies… the encryption export requirements. Taxes. Giant legal agreements. Ugh.

Having Nebula (github.com/slackhq/nebula) running on my various machines brings me so much joy. It's effortless to setup and allows me to pretend I'm always on my LAN even when I'm not. Overlay networks are cool.

I'd been half looking for a privacy-focused self-hosted website analytics tool that would let me answer question like "How many people view my website?", "Which posts do people like?", etc.

Today I found it! Ackee!


For those that do not unicycle, the bigger the wheel the faster you will (generally) be. This is because the cranks are normally fixed to the hub, so it is a one for one rotation. Thus the bigger the wheel the more ground covered per rotation. So if two unicycles cycle at the same RPM the one on the bigger unicycle will obviously be quicker. On a smaller unicycle you will have to 'spin' quicker to keep up.

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Try this one cool trick to lower your gasoline costs…

(drive less. the trick is drive less)

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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Have you checked out the latest release of Tails? You should! It brings new versions of a lot of the software included in Tails, plus new OpenPGP tools.


I don’t know how people bike commute without a rear view mirror on their glasses. It’s like a super power. And, as a bonus, I get to watch the people who sneakily ride behind me trying to film that guy on a unicycle.

Gitea is such a spectacular piece of work. It's feature complete (at least for what I want/need from a source control system). I'm running it on Docker on a RPi 4 and it's smoking fast. 💜

How did I not know “Magnet Fishing” was a thing? Treasure hunting. Magnets. Cleaning up trash. What’s not to like? youtu.be/AXlh5zD_skA

GnuPG, Yubikey, Git signing on Windows. When it works, it's amazing. And then it stops and (#*&@$&*(# it's difficult to troubleshoot.

Of course. A few weeks into a new project and Flutter 3 launches. I swear this happened on my last project too. But seriously. Flutter ❤️

In addition to my account here my biggest other "social media" is probably the unicyclist.com/ forums, which are now powered by Discourse.

Previously it was phpBB and it was slowly dying. The switch to Discourse revitalised it.

Sadly so many potentially interesting "forums" are hosted on Facebook.

If you are someone who can move your interest specific forums to Discourse or similar, please do so!

I like to think of myself as a moderately competent human being. Dispelling that myth is the fact that, once again, I made coffee without sticking my cup under machine.

@ruari ha. Now you have me looking at a Halfbikes for fun and commuting. Do they have any hope on hills and a 15km commute? I can do the commute on my 36er ok.

I'm glad to see folks are trying to breath life into Ricochet (ricochetrefresh.net/). It was such a good idea.

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