I can’t even begin to say how refreshing these were after a long day of hiking in Kananaskis. 💚 @CabinBrewing@twitter.com

I haven’t used a Desktop PC for years. OMG. I’d forgotten how joyful it is to use a machine that isn’t constantly throttled by thermal issues. And this is an old i7 that came from a pile of recycling at work.

I want to use RaspberryPi computers for so many things, but I have near 100% failure with them. They won’t sync video with TVs, they fail to boot, the crash randomly, SD failures, etc. I don’t understand how others use these things. NextCloudPi, PiHole, etc.

Just discovered @boardgamearena@twitter.com today. This is awesome and a great way to play some games with friends in a friendly way.

Fascinating talk on privacy in health care by @twilabrase@twitter.com . U.S. focused, but has me wondering, and a bit worried, about what the situation is here in Canada. TIL HIPAA isn’t at all what I thought it was.

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Super excited by the “Challenges for Security in a K-12 School District” talk with @nathanmcnulty@twitter.com at

OMG. Bluetooth mouse support on iPad is so good!

Adventures with Golang, WebSockets, Create-React-App and NGINX ift.tt/2VCY4k0

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Play testing the mostly finished game with the family. It’s working… OMG… It’s working!

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One of my favourite security tools!

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Coincidentally, we've reached another major milestone.

Cryptomator just reached one million total downloads! 🎉

Thank you all for your support and passion! ❤️ The past four years have been incredible. Keep on crypting! 🤖


🐦🔗: twitter.com/Cryptomator/status

Hmmm… our water pressure seems abnormally low. Another sign of the Covpocalypse?

Hiya @session_app@twitter.com - looking pretty good. Be nice to make the Linux app resizable though. If you are still on an older laptop with a low res display, you can’t actually get the controls on the screen so it’s unusable 😢

Started work a couple days ago on a multiplayer web-based COVID friendly party game. It’s been coming along pretty well. Go is slowly coming back to me. What a fun language.

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